Code Name Description
200 OK The request was successful. In a GET request, the response body will contain the requested resource or list of resources. In a PUT or PATCH request, the response body will contain the updated resource.
201 Created The POST request to create a resource was successful, and the response body will contain the created resource.
202 Accepted The asynchronous request was successful and is being processed in the background.
204 No Content The DELETE request was successful and is not returning any content in the response body.


Code Name Description
400 Bad Request The request format is invalid.
401 Unauthorized The JWT is either missing or invalid.
403 Forbidden Either the API key is missing or invalid, or the JWT does not have the necessary permissions.
404 Not Found The resource cannot be found.
405 Method Not Allowed The resource does not support the specified method, e.g. PATCH.
422 Unprocessable Entity The request is missing required fields or contains invalid data. The response body will include the validation errors.
429 Too Many Requests The rate limits were exceeded.
500 Internal Server Error An unexpected error has occurred on our end.
503 Service Unavailable The traffic is heavier than normal.
504 Gateway Timeout The API proxy cannot get a response from a backend service in time.