Add a custom module that can open a webpage in the widget, linkout to a website or trigger an event.


window._elev.on('load', function(_elev) {
id: 'custom-module-1',
type: 'webpage',
title: 'My Custom Module',
url: '',
icon: 'star',
order: 2



module (required)

An object with the following keys:

    • A string or number to uniquely identify the module. Used to later remove the module.
  • module.type
    • One of the following:
      • webpage: open url inside the widget
      • linkout: open url in a new browser tab
      • trigger: publish an event. See the module:opened event here.
  • module.url
    • The URL to open in the widget. Only applicable for types webpage and linkout.
  • module.title
    • The title to display in the menu.
  • module.order
    • The position of the module in the menu.
  • module.icon
    • The icon to display in the menu. Available icons:
      • github-square, github, amazon, instagram, dot-circle-o, youtube, group, users, cogs, rocket, binoculars, money, gift, ticket, adjust, search, life-bouy, life-buoy, life-ring, life-saver, support, plane, bug, chain, link, facebook-official, apple, twitter, map, at, ambulance, qrcode, linkedin, edit, graduation-cap, mortar-board, pencil, star, paper-plane-o, paper-plane, area-chart, cog, truck, send, share, cloud-upload, hourglass-2, diamond, calculator, external-link, database, microphone, leanpub, list, producthunt, cloud-download, globe, phone-square, phone, user-md, bitcoin, heart, heartbeat, pie-chart, thumbs-up-o, android, flag, dollar, file-pdf-o, hand-paper-o, hand-stop-o, smile-o, wechat, weixin, child, star-half-empty, wrench, home, bell-o, bell, tags, cart-arrow-down, clock-o, question-circle, video-camera, cart-plus, clipboard, laptop, thumb-tack, certificate.1, ge, star-o, television, tv, dropbox, commenting, lightbulb-o, bookmark, key, comment, comments-o, comments, shopping-cart, exclamation-triangle, feed, rss, info-circle, info, anchor, sticky-note-o, sticky-note, file-code-o, bank, check-circle-o, check-circle, check, university, slack, bullhorn, medkit, signal, unlock-alt, exclamation-cricle, exclamation, warning, download, penci-square-o, archive, calendar-check-o, bar-chart-o, bar-chart, envelope-o, envelope, newspaper-o, plus-circle.1, calendar, cc-discover, credit-card-alt, bolt, flash, image, clone, plus-square, file-text-o, desktop, comment-o, forumbee, book, cube, exchange, flag-checkered, stop, angle-left, arrow-circle-right, ellipsis-h, play, align-right, align-justify, align-left, bars

See also

  • removeModule