Showing the right content at the right time is key to providing great support. Elevio provides multiple ways to achieve that with articles.

Link any existing element on your site to an article

By adding an attribute to an element on your site a user can then click it to see more information, either in the Assistant (data-elevio-article) or in a popup (data-elevio-inline).

Open an article at any time you want

Using Javascript you can open an article in the Assistant (openArticle), in a popup (openPopup), or open a category in the Assistant (openCategory).

Embed an article in your site

You can embed an article (and many other things) anywhere on your site either by using HTML (elevio-element) or Javascript (component and popupComponent).

Step-by-step tutorials

Step-by-step tutorials are not native to Elevio yet, but you can create your own easily by combining these two API methods: on and openPopup