Elevio provides the ability to embed any element that makes up our main Assistant anywhere on your site, so you can get help closer to where and when it’s needed by the user. This is useful for being even more proactive about self-service than the default Elevio setup.

For example, you could embed search into your navigation bar so users can get help quicker and easier.

For help on how to add elevio elements to your site:

  • HTML (elevio-element)
  • JavaScript (component, popupComponent, buttonComponent)
  • For other ways to embed help see Articles and Modules

There are 11 types of components you can embed:

  • Addon modules
  • Articles
  • Article feedback
  • Buttons
  • Categories
  • Iframe modules
  • Menu
  • Popups
  • Related articles
  • Search
  • Suggestions
If you use this API or have suggestions for it’s improvement please get in touch about your experience.