Overrides the translations that Elevio uses for localization. Also see setLanguage.

The default translations are general translations that can be applied to all our customers. If you want to change these general translations because you think they aren’t the best representation in that language please get in touch instead. We will look into changing the defaults.


window._elev.on('load', function (_elev) {
  _elev.setTranslations({ help: "Our Help Centre" });



translations (required)

An object of translations to override, matching the shape below. Note you only need to specify the keys you would like to override.

  search: 'Search for help',
  error: 'Please try again',
  sorry: 'Sorry',
  related_articles: 'Suggestions',
  no_results: 'No results',
  help: 'Help Center',
  more: 'More',
  skip: 'Skip',
  feedback_improve: 'How can it be improved?',
  feedback_helpful: 'Was this helpful?',
  feedback_type: 'Type your feedback here',
  submit: 'Submit',
  submit_anon: 'Are you sure you want to send this anonymously?',
  unsent_enquiry: 'You have an unsent enquiry.',
  take_me_back: 'Take me back',
  thankyou: 'Thank you',
  discard: 'Discard',
  trigger_search: 'Hit enter to search for:',
  general: {
    back: 'Back',
    close: 'Close',
    search: 'Search',
    error: 'Please try again',
    sending: 'Sending',
    sent: 'Sent',
    more: 'More',
    thankyou: 'Thank you',
    collapse: 'Collapse'
  inline: {
    sorry: 'Sorry',
    article_not_found: 'Tip could not be found'
  loading: {
    loading_article: 'Loading article',
    loading_articles: 'Loading articles',
    loading_feed: 'Loading feed',
    loading_status: 'Loading site status',
    loading_ticket: 'Loading ticket',
    loading_tickets: 'Loading tickets',
    reloading_ticket: 'Reloading ticket'
  modules: {
    articles: {
      related_articles: 'Related articles',
      similar_articles: 'Similar articles',
      view_all: 'View all articles',
      no_results: 'No results'
    customform: {
      submit: 'Submit',
      thankyou: 'Thank you'
    rss: {
      read_more: 'Read more'
    status: {
      incident_report: 'Incident Report',
      past_incidents: 'Past Incidents',
      scheduled_maintenance: 'Scheduled Maintenance',
      summary: 'Summary',
      unresolved_incidents: 'Unresolved Incidents',
      updates: 'Updates',
      view_full: 'View full status page',
      view_incident: 'View incident report'
    support: {
      create_new_ticket: 'Create new ticket',
      submit: 'Submit ticket',
      describe: 'Describe your issue here...',
      reply_placeholder: 'Reply to this ticket...',
      send_reply: 'Send reply',
      no_tickets: 'Currently no existing tickets',
      back_to_tickets: 'Back to your tickets',
      deflect: 'Before you submit a ticket, please check to see if your question has already been answered in our knowledge base.',
      view_articles: 'View help articles',
      thankyou: 'Thank you, we\'ll get back to you shortly',
      delayed_appearance: '(It may take a few minutes to appear)',
      subject: 'Subject',
      message: 'Message',
      your_name: 'Name',
      email: 'Email',
      surname: 'Surname',
      new: 'New',
      unread: 'Unread',
      open: 'Open',
      pending: 'Pending',
      resolved: 'Resolved',
      hold: 'On hold',
      solved: 'Solved',
      closed: 'Closed',
      deleted: 'Deleted',
      send_ticket: "Send Ticket"

See also

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