To get up and running, just copy and paste this code onto your site just above the closing body tag.

Replace "XXXXX" with your account id, found on your settings page.
!function(e,l,v,i,o,n){e[i]||(e[i]={}),e[i].account_id=n;var g,h;g=l.createElement(v),g.type="text/javascript",g.async=1,g.src=o+n,h=l.getElementsByTagName(v)[0],h.parentNode.insertBefore(g,h);e[i].q=[];e[i].on=function(z,y){e[i].q.push([z,y])}}(window,document,"script","_elev","","XXXXX");

See Identifying Users to learn how to log your users in, to provide a deeper and more customised experience for them.