Overrides the page URL, which by default is the browser’s current URL. The URL is used to determine page settings, generate suggestions and analytics. 

There's a few reasons why you may want to use this:

  • You have a custom URL scheme that's different to the ones used in browsers
  • You have sensitive data in the URL that you don't want to send to us

NB: You should only use this in rare cases since Elevio automatically detects browser URL changes.

NB: Be aware that if the URL doesn't contain the necessary query string parameters, certain functionality such as authentication, smart groups, analytics and per-page settings will not work correctly.





url (required)

The URL string. Note that this doesn’t have to be a valid URL; the string is simply pattern matched against the URL strings in page settings.


Note this is just a helper for:

window._elev.setSettings({ page_url: 'https://example.com' });

See also

  • setSettings
  • setKeywords