At Elevio we have two main APIs that you can work with to customise the experience for your users. The JavaScript API and the REST API.

JavaScript API

The Elevio JavaScript API allows you to customize and control the behavior of the Assistant beyond what can be done from the dashboard.

Once you’ve installed Elevio, usually there isn’t anything else you need to do with the API. To take advantage of some features you will need to identify your users, but most other settings can be changed from the dashboard.

Some reasons you may want to use the JavaScript API:

  • Embed help on your site (links to articles, popups, search, etc)
  • Open articles at the right time
  • Open modules at the right time
  • Customize localization
  • Customize appearance and styling
  • Override settings from the dashboard

You should also read the guides and reference documentation for more possibilities and ideas.


The Elevio REST API allows you to retrieve, create and update your categories and articles programmatically. Click here for more information.

You can also directly hit the search endpoint, meaning you can use search results for your content to augment any existing search you might have built into your app.

If you think there’s anything else that should be possible through the API get in touch.